Helping out the Islamic Community

Here at Islamic Central we thrive to make sure each and every individual who visits our website are welcomed to our community, we also provide free e-book copies of The Holy Quran, available to download!

Islamic Central also provides you with Shahada pendants, prayer mats and much more in our online store! We also calculate the amount of Zakat is needed to give with the amount you have just earned/obtained/have! Withh links to where to donate to if you wish so.


I really love this site as it has guided me back to Islam and taught me what Islam is all about.

– Abdu Yasm

I have reclaimed my faith with this site, I am speechless with this site, it is extremely blessed and a beautiful guidance!

– Juvad Haid

The products I bought from them is actually really good and high quality! I bought an Ayatal-Kursi necklace for my wife and she loved it!

– Mohammed Lais

The site's products are suprsingly very nice! I ordered the Shahadah sticker, it was lovely to put on my wall!

– Okyurum TaΓ­khz